Balleby style and grading...

The engineering and craftsmanship of my pipes is of the same high quality weather it’s a lower graded sand blast pipe or a higher graded smooth pipe.

I’m grading my pipes according to the grain of the briar, the finish and some times  also the complexity the shape. I’m using numbers to indicate the grade of the pipe. 

The numbers 1-3 will always be blast pipes. Smooth pipes (and extraordinary blast pipes) will be graded 4 and 5.

My top-grading is 0 and 00. This will only be used for smooth pipes.

Very seldom I’m lucky to find “the perfect block” with an outstanding grain that matches the shape of the pipe perfectly. These few pipes will not have a gradeng-number but will be stamped with the year it is made and it’s number in the line of “perfect blocks” for that year.

In the gallery below you will fund examples of some of my latest pipes.